Enterprise networks must evolve, so it is necessary to simplify management and enable information and applications to be accessible securely from any location and device.

These architectures must cover needs that demand high-speed characteristics, lower costs, simplified administration, scalability, and efficiency, among others. They have the ability to support the main objectives of organizations by consistently delivering digital services securely and as required by workers, partners, customers, and ultimately IoT devices.

Secure Network Solutions for a Reliable Workplace

LAN Switching / Access Networking


They offer a wide range of deployment options for offices, plants, and remote sites, with management that can be local or in the cloud, maximizing your investment and reducing long-term costs.

Wireless Network Solutions


As more and more devices connect to your network, it is necessary to have solutions that offer security, speed, and reliability. Wireless solutions meet business demands and user expectations.



Allows you to connect and manage remote sites securely, automatically, and scalably regardless of the WAN link type, improving your application performance. Software updates take 51% less time for your IT team with Cisco SD-WAN.

Data Center Networking


Network connectivity for intelligent data centers, allowing you to have low latency, port scalability, and speeds up to 400G with high energy efficiency.

Cisco Meraki, a 100% cloud-based solution, simplifies the management of your enterprise networks from a single panel.

What's included?

  • Wireless technology
  • Switching
  • Security (UTM)
  • Mobile device management

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Advantages of having an enterprise network designed according to your business needs:

  • Improves business agility and network security by providing secure, reliable, and seamless access to personnel from multiple locations and devices to applications located anywhere.
  • Pre-integrated network management software components significantly reduce the time and resources required for integration.
  • Unified view of the entire mobile network, advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting help provide a more guaranteed mobile service.
  • Allows for insight into people and things' behavior in their physical spaces.