In Latin America, modernizing healthcare systems with technology focused on responding to patient demand is considered the alternative to cover wellness, prevention and the region's increasing longevity.

Organizations in the healthcare industry face three main challenges:

1. Ensuring service continuity and scalability, adapting operations to critical situations, and training staff in the adoption of technological tools.

2. Adopting technology that enables remote service to maintain low healthcare costs, which is ideal for regions with limited budgets.

3. Identifying risks in systems and assets due to the large number of devices connecting to the network every day. This allows for end-to-end protection and ensures patient confidentiality and security.

At PlanNet we aim to turn your investment into a long-term operational benefit

1. Understanding your current problem or situation.

2. Grasping the objectives of your business.

3. Diagnosis of your company's digital skills.

4. Proposing technology solutions and implementation processes tailored to your specific needs.

Common technological solutions in the healthcare industry

Expanding access to care

  • Patient access and outreach
  • Virtual visits and telehealth
  • Remote patient monitoring

Data-driven care delivery

  • Clinical communications and collaboration
  • Integration of medical devices
  • Flexible and scalable data center

Security, privacy and compliance

  • Medical device and IoT security
  • Healthcare cybersecurity

Transforming Facilities

  • Mobile experiences in the Healthcare sector
  • Location services for clinical environments
  • Smart hospital

Business continuity

  • Administrative collaboration and remote workforce
  • Mobile clinic

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