The biggest challenge when acquiring a technological solution is achieving its adoption. It is essential to ensure that technology administrators and end-users understand the purpose of the acquired technology and feel comfortable using it as part of their daily processes to achieve the desired results in the company.


César Jacobo, PlanNet's Customer Success Manager, talks about the benefits of having a Adoption Technology program guided by our experts, to ensure the achievement of the client's business objectives when implementing a new solution.

At PlanNet, we ensure the adoption of technological solutions by bridging the gap between the promise of technology and business results through the following tools


Solution usage training

Aligned to different user groups and processes within the organization.


Internal marketing campaigns

Aimed at raising awareness about the benefits of the acquired technology and achieving adoption of new tools in processes to reach established goals.


License management

Allows control over license additions, removals, and changes to ensure proper usage.


Solution usage monitoring

Helps to detect whether users are using and benefiting from the technology.


KPI compliance

Monitoring compliance with established KPIs using the solution.


Customer Success Manager

Accompaniment throughout the service by a Customer Success Manager.

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We offer the capitalization of your IT investments through the following process


We understand the business objectives that the technological solution aims to address.


We establish KPIs together with the client to measure the results of the solution.


We develop a strategic adoption plan to achieve the objectives.


We execute the adoption plan.


We conduct periodic reviews of the KPIs to determine if the adoption plan is delivering the expected results.


If necessary, we adjust the plans to reach the established objectives.

Advantages that your company obtains with technology adoption services:

  • You achieve your business objectives with the support of the acquired technology.
  • You obtain the ROI that technology brings to business processes.
  • You make the most of the characteristics and benefits of the acquired technological solution.
  • You have an ally for your business and not just an IT provider.

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