An APM (Application Performance Management) is essential software for both development and system teams, as it provides the necessary information to discover, isolate, and resolve problems that negatively impact an application's performance.

This tool can work specifically for one application or monitor several applications on the same network, collecting data on client CPU usage, memory demands, data performance, and bandwidth.

A good user experience leads to continuous service usage, which translates into higher revenue

IT Ops and DevOps teams in organizations share a common goal: to meet customer demands and expectations to retain them long-term.

Our APM solutions portfolio provides higher levels of reliability, availability, security, and efficiency in the operation of your assets


Thousand Eyes

Accelerate your digital transformation with complete visibility of the internet, cloud, and your company's networks, enabling administrators to optimize application delivery, end-user experience, and continuous investments in infrastructure.

This allows your company to:

  • Have 360° visibility of digital services.
  • Verify the availability and performance of network-based services.
  • Simulate user interaction with a website or application and obtain detailed metrics on their experience.

App Dynamics

Allows your company to visualize the code in real-time and understand how cada each element or component of the application affects user experience. It provides real-time information on everything that happens in the digital business, allowing you to:

  • Detect problems before they affect your processes and users.
  • Obtain complete visibility that allows you to plan accurately, migrate with confidence, and validate success.
  • Impact users and drive business results through improved application performance.
  • Allow machine learning to accelerate and automate root cause diagnosis.

ThousandEyes integrates with AppDynamics AppDynamics for complete visibility into the user journey into the app.

Advantages of implementing an APM in your company:

  • Provides greater visibility and better understanding of IT systems, allowing area leaders to easily accept new strategic projects and business growth capabilities.
  • Reduces the number of applications and IT costs, while increasing flexibility in operations as your workforce better understands the commercial value of their applications.
  • Executing a transformation in application monitoring allows IT departments to allocate more resources to new strategic business initiatives and focus on innovation.

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