Digital transformation is a crucial point for companies. The use of technology in different areas of a company not only automates processes but also gathers important data from daily operations.

The data obtained about processes is a significant source to support operational and business strategies, which enable companies to become more efficient and agile, helping to achieve business goals.

PlanNet, through its DevNet department, has developed applications with two focuses that allow you to get the most out of your Meraki technology infrastructure.

1. Business Analytics

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Through registration, your visitors can have an internet connection. The collected information can help you better understand your visitors, formulate programs and strategies for different areas of the company.


A system for analyzing visitor traffic. It collects information from wireless network devices, processes it through analytics algorithms, and generates reports with relevant information about your visitors such as:



Get the estimated number of people who stay in your branch, as well as average estimates of stay in certain areas.



It offers the opportunity to know an estimate of how many people visited or passed by your branch, in order to measure the capture of visits.


Dwell time

Allows you to know the average time of visits detected in the branch, as well as to know behaviors and trends.



Helps you know how many times a person returns to your branches in a day, to visualize trends and the loyalty of your visits.


Number of visits

Offers internet access to your visitors while obtaining valuable information about them.


Device brand

Helps you know what brand of mobile devices your customers have, helping you define target markets and trends of your visits.

2. IT Administration


This system is in charge of generating an email with a summary of the relevant events that happen in your company with the Meraki infrastructure, giving you information about which problems your users are having, what is the status of your access points and how are your internet links.


System in charge of sending alerts to your WhatsApp application, about events and incidents in your Meraki infrastructure.


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Advantages that your company obtains with our data analysis services:

  • Obtain information to improve decision making for different processes of your business.
  • Achieve a greater benefit for the business through the communications infrastructure.
  • Monitor the quality of the IT service your users receive.
  • Warn about possible incidents in your infrastructure and improve the response time to IT events.

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