The foundations of Digital Workplace

1. The human team comes first

Employees are the center of any organization and the new generations demand better experiences and digitalized processes to function in the current environment.

2. Collaboration and geographical independence

Employees, customers, and suppliers no longer need to be in the same place to work. A technological change is required that allows a new way of doing business.

3. Corporate resilience

Companies need to be prepared by integrating technology and automation into their processes to adapt to change, mitigate risks, and withstand any type of interruptions.


Alberto Cárdenas explains how cloud telephony, under a flexible subscription model, provides an enterprise-level collaboration experience from anywhere in the workplace.

Years of research and development turned into proven solutions around the world




Collaborative platform that grew 2.5 times in America and 4 times in Europe in 2020, as it allows connecting people from anywhere, integrating voice, video, and content in a simple, effective, and secure way.




More than 24,000 companies worldwide use this system against internet security threats, to block malicious domains and applications regardless of location, providing DNS-level protection.


Security on all devices from anywhere


Unlike traditional endpoint security, this advanced malware protection solution provides retrospective security to quickly contain the first signs of threat without compromising productivity.


Routing solution for remote work


Integrated service routers that offer a Zero Trust structure with comprehensive segmentation and always-on network connectivity for remote users. SD-WAN technology that offers an enhanced experience for multi-cloud applications.


Secure access for remote work teams


Provides highly secure and frictionless remote workers' access to the corporate network from any device, anytime, and anywhere.


Protection of user passwords


Authentication system so that only appropriate users and secure devices can access the organization's applications without depending on a VPN.

Advantages of adopting Digital Workplace in your company:

  • Companies with an agile mindset tend to act quickly, proactively, and decisively while others remain inert and lose strength.
  • The use of virtual and agile teams has a great impact on productivity. In addition, by using technology to optimize your company's operations and processes, you improve the experience of your employees and customers.
  • Remote work opens up opportunities to improve inclusion, that is, to have employees who were previously unavailable due to distance, transportation difficulties, or physical impediments.

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