We are dedicated 24/7 to track threat variants within your company's environment and detect any malicious or anomalous behavior that threatens operations.

Having a SOC as a Service allows for faster identification and combat of cyber threats, as well as resource optimization by acquiring specialized and certified personnel for tool administration and monitoring.

What does our Managed Security Service include?


Vulnerability Analysis

Allows for the detection of security gaps in both network infrastructure and servers in order to prevent possible cyber attacks.


End-user and/or remote work security management

Ensures that connected user devices have the necessary tools and are correctly configured to prevent them from being the source of an attack.


Server security management

The main objective is to ensure the security of critical applications and information for business operations.


Perimeter security

Prevents attacks on the organization by ensuring that only allowed transactions according to established security policies enter the network through security controls.

What is the scope of the SOC as a service?


Single point of contact

We provide a phone line to report any incident or request changes in the security device configurations.


Report of suspicious activity detected

We analyze suspicious activities, identify their origin and correct any existing security gaps.


Recommendations to strengthen security

Focused on applying controls to different processes to reduce security risks.


24/7 monitoring

We monitor your company's security and suspicious activities in network transactions and connected devices to identify cyber threats that could impact your operation.


Monthly reports and recommendations

You will receive monthly reports related to security events, including summary of findings, mitigations done and pending, risks identified, and overall risk reduction percentage.

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Advantages your company obtains with Managed Security Services:

  • Reduces the failure rate in your security network through continuous maintenance by our certified engineers.
  • Achieve faster incident response and minimize their impact through timely actions against security threats.
  • Reduces operating costs by decreasing downtime and business interruptions, eliminating the need to hire and train security experts.
  • Improves decision-making with visibility into your company's current security posture.
  • Expert management to meet security audits and risk management processes.