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Horacio Elizondo, explains the solutions and implementation process to protect a company's operations against any cyber-attack.

Learn about our different cybersecurity solutions:


Network Security

Prevents unauthorized or malicious users from accessing private network information, protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.


Endpoint Security

Provides device-level protection. Elements that can be protected include cell phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and servers. These elements must be protected from all types of threats in an agile and scalable way.


Cloud Security

Uses a set of visibility, control, and security functions responsible for protecting access to the internet and the use of cloud applications in your company, detecting external or internal public threats.


Access and Identity Management

Ensures that user roles and privileges have the correct level of access to enterprise resources such as networks and databases. Allows reporting of user activity and ensures compliance with corporate and security regulatory policies.


Zero Trust  

With users, devices, and clouds extending beyond the traditional network, new security options are required. With Zero Trust, organizations ensure secure access without affecting the employee experience.

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How do solutions act in each stage during a cyber attack?



Blocks malicious requests before connections are established, preventing phishing attacks, command and control, malware, etc.
Blocks the attack at the beginning of inspection, monitoring all system files.
Ensures access to any enterprise application by validating the user's identity, device health, geographic location, etc. with two-factor authentication.
Secures access to the enterprise network by validating security policies established by the organization.
Secure Email:
Blocks malicious emails from unknown or reputably poor domains.


Detect and block

Learns where attacks are organized and detects attackers' infrastructure, proactively blocking the threat.
Continuously analyzes all file activity to detect malicious behavior and alert about new threats.
Identifies vulnerabilities on the user's device attempting to access the enterprise application, with the possibility of denying access.
Secure Malware Analytics:
Analyzes unclassified file samples, proactively detecting threats.
Secure Network Analytics:
Constantly analyzes the traffic generated on the network, establishing a behavior baseline of all our devices and detecting zero-day attacks.
Secure Email:
Analyzes information sent via email, detecting domains with malicious structures, files infected with malware, etc.



Provides quick analysis of malicious domains, IP addresses, and file hashes.
Displays a complete path of the attack and isolates the infected device, remedying the spread of malware.
When a threat is detected on an internal device, ISE manually or automatically denies access to the network, quickly containing the security event.
Secure Malware Analytics:
Runs malware samples in a virtual environment, generating a deep analysis of infected file behavior.
Secure Network Analytics:
When suspicious behavior is detected, the device is sent to quarantine, preventing network access.
Secure Email:
Displays the sequence of communication of external email to internal email, which is useful for investigating possible security events.

Benefits of having security services in your company:

  • Having efficient processes and technology security controls will help your company identify security gaps, avoiding the exposure of infrastructure, applications, and devices.
  • It allows your IT team to quickly discover, prepare, manage, and recover from information leaks and attacks on your network.
  • Get the right combination of automation, real-time analysis, and policy-based security, backed by strategic guidance that accelerates your company's transformation.

Currently, security has gained importance in company agendas.

For 85% of companies, security is now extremely important compared to 2019.

- Cisco Secure 2020