Organizations have a technological infrastructure that includes a variety of complex solutions and equipment to manage, which requires the knowledge of a specialized IT team capable of providing support and maintenance.

At PlanNet, through our policies and expert engineers, we offer 24/7 IT Service Desk support, for your network infrastructure, ensuring quick solutions to failures, attention to requests such as new configurations and warranty tracking, based on mutually agreed upon Service Level Agreements (SLAs), all with the aim of maintaining the continuity of your business.


Elio Alvarado, Engineering Manager, talks about the advantages of having 24/7 support with the help of our Cisco-certified engineers to maintain business continuity.

Our service plans offer coverage that provides you with the appropriate level of support by device, technology, and location.

We offer the following scopes that you can customize according to your requirements:


Aligned processes with ITIL

Incident management process: we quickly respond and resolve failures. Request management process: we attend to requests for new configurations, changes, and cancellations.


Omnichannel support through IT Service Desk

We offer different contact methods: phone line, email, and instant messaging.


Warranty Management

We handle warranty administration in case of having active contracts with various manufacturers.


Service Level Agreements (SLA)

We guarantee response and resolution times for incidents, minimizing possible service interruptions.


Software updates

We keep the operating systems of devices with active coverage up to date.


On-site support

We send engineers to your facilities to resolve faults and address requirements if necessary.


Preventive maintenance

We perform it periodically depending on our clients' needs.


Monthly reports of service usage

We deliver service usage reports, which contain the tickets handled and their status.


National coverage

We serve all your locations nationwide, either remotely or on site.


24X7 support with expert engineers

We have experts in each technology: Networking, Security, Collaboration, Data Center.


Levels of Specialization

Support through different levels of engineering. Level 1: basic, Level 2: specialized, and Level 3: with manufacturer.

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Advantages your company gets with our support policy services:

  • Flexibility in contracting service scopes according to your current technology needs.
  • Minimizes the negative impact on your operations by quickly resolving issues thanks to the 24x7 availability of our team.
  • Reduces costs as your company does not have to worry about technically training specialized personnel, representing savings without sacrificing the quality of your daily operation.
  • Specialized technicians take care of supporting and maintaining your infrastructure, as well as making any configuration changes you request according to your needs.

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