In Latin America, the retail sector is facing changes in consumer shopping habits. Since 2020, consumers have increased their demands for service quality, expecting to have a personalized and secure shopping experience.

Organizations in the retail industry face three main challenges:

1. Adopting new technological tools for employees in their physical and digital stores, enabling them to achieve efficient operations through data analysis and automation.

2. Defining a strategy that includes strengthening logistical networks to meet order volumes in a timely manner. Additionally, implementing the appropriate technology and offering multi-platform access facilitates the customer purchasing process and maintains high levels of satisfaction.

3. Implementing a secure, flexible, and scalable network in operations to protect corporate and customer banking information, identifying and blocking cybersecurity threats. This is necessary due to the interaction and data exchange between stores and customers using different types of devices.

At PlanNet, we aim to transform your investment into a long-term operational benefit.

1. Understanding your current problem or situation.

2. Comprehending the objectives of your business.

3. Diagnosing the digital skills of your company.

4. Proposing technology solutions and implementation processes tailored to your specific needs.

Most common technology solutions in the retail industry

Customer experience

  • Multichannel Engagement and Purchasing
  • Digital advertising and communication
  • Intelligent contact center and Experience management

Employee Productivity

  • Assisted selling
  • Training and Digital communication
  • Infrastructure for mobility
  • Multichannel fulfillment

Physical and Cybersecurity for Retail

  • Security and surveillance
  • Retail loss prevention
  • Optimization and Secure connectivity
  • Threat defense

Intelligent Operations

  • Wireless and Video analytics
  • Enabling multi-cloud connectivity
  • Point of Sale Application Monitoring
  • Smart and efficient store

Distribution Center Operations

  • Automation
  • Order fulfillment

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