With our implementation services, we ensure that we deliver the expected value within the projected time as we become a strategic ally capable of understanding the value of your business.

We align our methodology with the best practices of the PMI (Project Management Institute) accompanied by certified personnel in different technologies.


Our Project Manager, Miguel Salazar, explains the 5 stages to carry out the implementation of solutions with the help of our Cisco certified engineers and governed by a PMI methodology for planning and execution.

Implementation Service Stages

Our processes are tailored to your needs, considering the type and size of your company, as well as the nature of your projects.

Step 1


  • Understand the scope of the solution expected by the client.
  • Development of a scope document and kick-off session.
Step 2


  • Sessions with the client for planning.
  • Definition of communication, risk, testing, and project implementation plans.
Step 3


  • Preparation of equipment and configurations.
  • Installation and mounting in racks.
  • Necessary integrations and functionality testing.
  • Production deployment and testing oriented towards expected business process outcomes, not just the equipment.
  • Training of solution users and knowledge transfer to operations personnel.
  • Solution adoption to ensure compliance with business results.
Step 4


Delivery of documentation at different stages to provide clarity to stakeholders on service progress and status, such as requirements, testing plans, change controls, progress reports, among others.

Step 5


  • Delivery of a functioning solution.
  • Delivery of closing documents: technical report, customer satisfaction review, among others.

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Advantages your company gains with the Implementation service:

  • You guarantee effective solutions as our implementation process adapts to your needs, type, size of company, and nature of your projects.
  • You ensure continuity of operations thanks to good planning and a methodology aligned to ensure the compliance of scope, time, and quality of the implementation.
  • You improve the efficiency of your processes by making the most of the implemented resources.
  • You achieve a better ROI on the solution investment since we take care of carrying out an effective implementation aligned to generate value for your business.

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