Due to the current complexity in enterprise network infrastructure, organizations must have a clear vision of how IT solutions help business growth and the expected return on their investment.

With PlanNet's IT consulting services, companies have the advice of experts who help formulate an IT strategy aligned with their business objectives. We combine experience and proven methodological approaches to better analyze and understand our clients' current scenario, helping and guiding them in their business challenges.


Oscar Segovia, a wireless specialist engineer, explains how with PlanNet's consulting service, companies can have a better visualization of their network to correct issues and improve their processes, resulting in increased profits.

Increase your competitive advantage with IT consulting services


Design Consulting

We help our clients formulate their IT strategy aligned with business objectives.

How do we do it?

  • 1. We analyze the business needs and desired objectives.
  • 2. We analyze the current state of the IT infrastructure.
  • 3. We perform a GAP analysis of the current state of the IT infrastructure vs the business objectives.
  • 4. We design the technological plan according to the business objectives.
  • 5. We recommend implementation phases to achieve the desired goal.

Consulting focused on operations

With LAN, WAN, Security and Wireless Site Survey Assessment we help customers ensure that their current IT solutions comply with the best design and configuration practices to leverage the full potential of the technology.

How do we do it?

  • 1. We perform an inventory of equipment, configurations, and network diagrams.
  • 2. We analyze the information and vulnerabilities.
  • 3. We deliver configuration and design recommendations following best practices.

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Advantages of hiring our Consulting services:

  • Improving the performance of the infrastructure that is important for business processes through efficient and quick solutions.
  • Having specialized knowledge from our IT consultants who are responsible for defining the infrastructure upgrade strategy for your company, aimed at achieving business objectives.
  • Saving time and costs by automating processes and improving task execution, increasing equipment performance, and achieving more productive employees.
  • Having a business ally and not just an IT provider, capable of understanding the business value that needs to be covered with our solutions and services.

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We evaluate the technological potential of your company to create a project according to your business needs

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