Our Secure Browsing service allows your team to have visibility of Internet activity across all locations, devices and users. Its main objective is to block access to malicious sites by stopping threats before they reach your business network.

Get the benefits of Cisco Umbrella, in a service managed by our specialists, under a monthly subscription model that offers you:

  • Reduced financial burden and ease of payment.
  • Expand and add services at your own pace.
  • A cloud deployment included.
  • Access to the latest versions and updates, quickly and securely.
  • Personalized support according to contracted service levels.

Celia Esparza, explains the benefits of having a secure browsing service with Umbrella and the help of our Cisco certified engineers.

Get 24/7 monitoring of your security network and a first line of defense through the following actions:


7x24x365 monitoring

We ensure the correct operation of the solution and identify any suspicious activity that could put your information security at risk.


Response Times

Priority attention response times for the resolution of incidents or requested changes, attend to urgent requirements and mitigate events that cause business interruption.


Single Point of Contact

We have a 24x7x365 phone line to report any incident or request additions, deletions or changes in the configurations of security devices.


Monthly Reports and Recommendations

We deliver monthly reports related to the security events presented: Total requests, equipment or devices that have generated the highest number of requests, most requested domains, among other metrics.

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Benefits your company gets with Secure Browsing Services:

  • Expert management with visibility into authorized and unauthorized cloud services, identifying potential risks to the enterprise.
  • Reduces remediation costs and damage caused by security breaches in your company.
  • Decrease threat detection and containment times through real-time activity reports produced by Umbrella and our team.
  • Improve decision making through visibility of Internet activity across all locations and users.

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