Understanding the challenges faced by the manufacturing industry in Latin America means recognizing the lag in technology adoption and innovation compared to other countries.

Actions that the manufacturing industry should take to accelerate its level of innovation:

1. Proactively engage in technology projects rather than reacting to issues.

Don't just seek a provider when a part of the production process or safety is compromised.

2. Embrace technology as a long-term project.

This should involve not only departments led by production levels but also positions like CEO, CFO, and in some cases, a Chief Digital Officer.

3. Consider technology as a means to gain more capabilities and operational efficiency.

It should be viewed not only as a tool to achieve production objectives.

At PlanNet, we have witnessed how mining, logistics, and oil companies have achieved:

Up to a 50% reduction in annual process costs

Streamlined production processes by 23%

Decreased average annual process failure time

Increased production of parts per hour

Real-time knowledge of the cost per day of a metric unit per load

At PlanNet, we aim to turn your investment into long-term operational benefits.

1. Understanding your current problem or situation.

2. Grasping the objectives of your business.

3. Assessing your company's digital skills.

4. Proposing technology solutions and implementation processes tailored to your specific needs.

Common Technological Solutions in the Manufacturing Industry

Advanced Manufacturing Processes

  • Industrial Automation
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Asset Visibility and Control
  • Remote Access and Troubleshooting

Workforce Empowerment

  • Workforce Continuity
  • Industrial Collaboration
  • Remote Experts
  • Worker Mobility

Industrial Cybersecurity

Focused solution for industrial security processes to detect and address all cybersecurity threats.

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