The performance needed to operate at a large scale and compete with major players in the industry



Provide a good consumer experience to customers and keep business operations running 24/7 across all branches.



Create smarter factories, reduce downtime, and optimize workflows.



Protect customer data, provide a better banking experience, and ensure the security of your employees.

Five product categories that cover the needs of your company


Security devices




Access points


Systems Manager EMM


Surveillance cameras

Meraki offers 3 types of licensing to cover your needs

All licensing is offered under a monthly subscription model with PlanNet.


Essential SD-WAN features:

Secure connectivity and basic security


Ideal for when only smooth site-to-site VPN connectivity with a firewall is needed

Advanced Security

All advanced security features plus:

Advanced analytics with ML


Ideal for organizations with sites that also connect to the internet, requiring unified threat management security

Secure SD-WAN Plus

All enterprise features plus:

Full-featured unified threat management


Ideal for organizations relying on SaaS, IaaS, or data center locations for their applications

Key advantages

when contracting Cisco Meraki with Plannet

  • You get a 100% cloud-based solution under a subscription model
  • Access to the Dashboard. Simultaneously configure multiple networks in your organization, including switches, firewalls, access points, and devices from a single panel.
  • Updates that turn network devices into powerful communication and control tools.
  • Additionally, get 24/7 support for your requirements from our specialized Meraki engineers.

Contact our specialists to find out which subscription model suits your industry's requirements.

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Experience with major sectors

We have completed over 15,000 implementations in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial sectors.

We are a Cisco Gold Partner

We guarantee our customers an advanced level of expertise in our services through various Cisco specializations.

Advanced Enterprise Networks Architecture Specialization

We have experience in managing and operating network solutions.

25 years of experience

Implementing solutions, services, and support for B2B technology use.